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About Us


Why do you need Modeltrainseller?

  • Save money
  • Conserve valuable resources
  • Peace of mind

Modeltrainseller” is looking for the “exceptional” fine scale model railroad collection.  There is a huge market full of model
railroad enthusiasts out there!  We use the World Wide Web as our primary tool to reach all of those people.

If you're interested in selling your collection discreetly, quickly, conveniently, and of course getting a reasonable* price, then Modeltrainseller
is your way to do it. 

When you have a model train collection there are inevitable reasons that it has to be sold.  We will discreetly assist you with this difficult task.  
We are model railroaders ourselves; we understand!  We don’t “cherry pick” collections.  We will purchase your complete collection of model trains
or any part you may wish to sell.  We usually pay with a Bank Cashiers Check or PayPal transfer.

How does it work?  To get started; just contact us and we’ll step you through the process.  Using an inventory list, a digital camera and your
“asking price” we start the process.  We will get back to you with an offer soon after.  If you can’t accomplish making the inventory, in some cases
we can come to you or we may have a network contact in your area.  Contact us and we will try to work with you.


Your inventory list should mainly include the locomotives; especially if there are brass items, craftsman collectables, kit-bashed, or scratch-built
items.  We will need a count of freight cars, and passenger cars.  If there are items like buildings, or other accessories we need to know about them
too!  If you have a computer we can provide you with a pre-made blank inventory spreadsheet 
to help you gather the important information. 
When you have the list ready, just email it to us.  We will also accept lists in other forms; just get it to us.  If you have any questions,
please use the “contact us” information from the home page.


*Price Expectation:  Beware!  If you are like me, you have a large amount of “emotional value” attached to your collection.  Whether it’s
yours as the original owner or the collection was a family members’, the emotional value can create a difficult difference to overcome between
“actual and perceived value.”  Please know we understand this, but the hard reality of the marketplace will make us give you the most realistic
price quote for all involved.  When we make an offer for your collection, we will use current retail value for your collection pieces.  We have
found that most after-market reselling will not normally bring a “retail book price.”  For most HO model trains, as newer items come out - they
have more electronics, better detail, and such.  It makes earlier versions less attractive to the potential buyer.


Collection Appraisals.  We can provide both desk and on-site appraisals.  If you send us a complete inventory list of your items including digital
photos we will provide you with a desk appraisal - at cost.  The list should include the manufacturer, type, model number, condition of the item, and
running condition.  We can send you an inventory spreadsheet to use if you prefer.  If you decide to sell your collection to us, the price of the appraisal
will be considered in the transaction.  If you do not have an inventory we may be able to come to your location and do an inventory and an appraisal.
This will need to be worked out on a case by case basis.  The pricing will depend upon travel expenses, availability, and the quantity and quality of
the items in your collection.


 Don't Wait!  Pre-arrange your estate!  Plan what you want to happen to your collection.  Don't leave family members guessing.

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